Open House Reminders for a Residential Property for Sale

Open HouseThere’s more to a residential property for sale than merely advertising it online and/or offline. It also includes the meticulous and often nervous process we call an open house.

Investopedia describes an open house to be “a scheduled period of time in which a house or other real estate asset is designated to be open for viewing by potential buyers.” Because people are expected to check the place out before they even consider buying, it plays a huge role in the success of every sale and so we thought we’d help everyone out starting with the following tips.

Bump up the curb. Truth be told, most potential buyers will drive by the property to “check it out” before they actually knock on your door. They’ll assess it first from the outside which is why the external aspect is just as crucial as what is inside. Make sure to clean up the entryway, the front lawn and all the extremities.

Remove all traces of previous occupants. As the experts would word it, depersonalize the space. You want buyers to imagine themselves in the residential property and it will be hard to achieve that if there are remnants of its old tenants.

Keep it open and bright. It makes the space appear bigger, cleaner and new. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want that? Change any busted bulbs, open the right windows and let the space soak in natural light.

Clean everything. Nobody wants a dilapidated and poorly maintained residential property. That’s a sure way to turn off potential buyers and to bid goodbye to an otherwise successful sale. Before an open house, make sure that you have cleaned the space well, in, out, above and around.

Update and/or renovate. There are cases when you’ll have to undergo some amount of renovation to make the space better and more valuable. Just make sure that you choose the right projects. Replace anything that’s broken too.

Appeal to the masses. When prepping for the open house, keep in mind the market of the house. Make sure that it appeals to everyone in general regardless of status, age, gender and career. This way, it’ll be faster and easier to sell.

Stage it. An open house is never complete without proper staging. A residential property for sale will sell faster if owners help buyers visualize themselves in the space through suggesting different means by which the house and its various areas can be utilized.

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