Create a Residential Property Investment That’s Stylish and Environment Friendly

residential-investment-propertyCreating a home requires more than what one initially assumes. It’s also a work in progress and something that necessitates consistency all throughout. If there’s a movement that has been gaining traction lately in terms of residential property investment, it’s no doubt the push to go green and stylish at the same time. Luckily for us, this one’s an easy and affordable quest.  Don’t believe us? Take a look.

• Check the carbon foot print when shopping for appliances. For example, the amount of energy they consume which should be easily found in their manual. A few bits of advice: Consider convection ovens as they cook food faster by twenty five percent compared to their counterparts. Top and bottom door refrigerator units are also a great option because they help keep cool air from escaping thereby decreasing the need for the appliance to use up more electricity to regulate temperature again.

• A simple trick to add a pop of color and at the same time clean the air in the home would be to incorporate plants. A pretty vase stuffed with beautiful blossoms, little succulents, hanging air plants, potted indoor plants and the like should be welcomed into the space. Not only can toss out the air freshener and save on cost but we also get rid of aerosols that add to the worldwide problem of global warming.

• Effective and smart use of lighting does not only make rooms more functional and effective but they too help in keeping things green and cost-effective. For instance, LED and fluorescents help cut the electric bill by half. The use of glass or large windows are also a plus as hey help maximize sunlight during the day. That and the fact they come with added ventilation allowing the air to move freely in and out of the room.

• Choose easy to clean and long lasting materials. Stainless steel and glass are great options because they last long, create the illusion of bigger spaces, better distributes light and are easy to clean. We don’t even need special chemicals to do so. Water and a damp cloth should do the trick.

• Consider upcycling. Decorating the residential property investment for the first or the nth time need not mean we’d spend tons. We can do it for much less and at the same time be environment friendly simply by reusing things either from our own stash or from others. You’d be surprised how many hidden gems can be found in thrift shops. And if you’ve still got items that are in good condition don’t think twice about restyling or repurposing them. More at

Commercial Property Investments Worth Your Time and Money

commercial property investmentWe’ve been told to always choose our battles and for good reason. But this adage does not only apply to relationships and life but also to things like business. Even commercial property investment!

That said we’ve rounded up some features crucial to a truly worthwhile commercial property investment. Check out the following list and make sure to take some notes.

    1. Cities and Metropolis – The presence of other establishments as well as the throng of people in cities allow for great opportunity. Commercial property investments here may cost a lot and that’s because there’s demand and not to mention foot traffic. They are also easy to access for many so it’s generally natural for entrepreneurs, both domestic and foreign, to want to open shop here and you know what that means: a market.
    2. Growth Areas – But if you want to invest in places that are not as expensive, try locations that are still in development. Known as growth areas, these are places where new structures and buildings are still on the rise. Because they bring business and therefore employment, it creates value for the place in terms of real estate. Additionally, this attracts a residential growth.

  1. Tourist Spots – Domestic population is one but add in the factor of tourism and we’ve got quite the valuable investment. Businesses thrive in these places so it’s not surprising that commercial property investments are worth everyone’s while here. That applies regardless if one opts to use the said asset or plans to lease it our or resell it at a profit.
  2. High Foot Traffic – Exposure is very important to any brand and a high level of foot traffic can guarantee this. What’s great is that this does not only apply to current customers but also to new prospects and the public in general, regardless if they walk past, go in or drive by the establishment.
  3. Convenient – This adjective can mean many things but for the sake of commercial property investments, convenience refers to the ease by which people locate and get to and from the establishment. Why is this important? Simple. Employees and vendors need it for smoother operations. As for customers, this means that they could frequent the place more often to do business without being turned off by the difficult drive, lack of public transport or obscurity of the location.

Open House Reminders for a Residential Property for Sale

Open HouseThere’s more to a residential property for sale than merely advertising it online and/or offline. It also includes the meticulous and often nervous process we call an open house.

Investopedia describes an open house to be “a scheduled period of time in which a house or other real estate asset is designated to be open for viewing by potential buyers.” Because people are expected to check the place out before they even consider buying, it plays a huge role in the success of every sale and so we thought we’d help everyone out starting with the following tips.

Bump up the curb. Truth be told, most potential buyers will drive by the property to “check it out” before they actually knock on your door. They’ll assess it first from the outside which is why the external aspect is just as crucial as what is inside. Make sure to clean up the entryway, the front lawn and all the extremities.

Remove all traces of previous occupants. As the experts would word it, depersonalize the space. You want buyers to imagine themselves in the residential property and it will be hard to achieve that if there are remnants of its old tenants.

Keep it open and bright. It makes the space appear bigger, cleaner and new. And let’s face it, who doesn’t want that? Change any busted bulbs, open the right windows and let the space soak in natural light.

Clean everything. Nobody wants a dilapidated and poorly maintained residential property. That’s a sure way to turn off potential buyers and to bid goodbye to an otherwise successful sale. Before an open house, make sure that you have cleaned the space well, in, out, above and around.

Update and/or renovate. There are cases when you’ll have to undergo some amount of renovation to make the space better and more valuable. Just make sure that you choose the right projects. Replace anything that’s broken too.

Appeal to the masses. When prepping for the open house, keep in mind the market of the house. Make sure that it appeals to everyone in general regardless of status, age, gender and career. This way, it’ll be faster and easier to sell.

Stage it. An open house is never complete without proper staging. A residential property for sale will sell faster if owners help buyers visualize themselves in the space through suggesting different means by which the house and its various areas can be utilized.

Ways to Put Your Investments for Sale

200310310-001Putting investments for sale ain’t as easy as it sounds. It’s not like some regular item that you can sell like pancakes. Although it’s possible to have buyers purchase them within a short period of time, the process still takes quite a significant span and a number of steps. Plus, marketing them around can be tricky. It’s not something that you can give out samples of after all.

So how do you do it then? We’ve got a list of ideas to choose from. Here you go.

  1. The Obvious Sign

Perhaps the cheapest and simplest way to put an ad for a property for sale would be a signage. You know those big eye catching signs that spell “For Sale”? Although they may seem archaic, they are still a very powerful means to drive the message. People and cars passing by not only get the notice but they too get to have a glimpse of what’s up for grabs.

  1. The Traditional Print

Newspaper listings are not yet dead. If anything, they’ve even gone digital because your daily paper is not only on print but they are now available on your gadgets too. Posters, banners and flyers are also other modes of traditional print advertising. They’re not as expensive as others and they can get the message to a bigger audience.

  1. The Online Listing

But as we’ve said, the world has gone digital and our initial reflex when we need to find out about something would be the internet. This makes the use of online listing websites a fairly good idea. Some sites may come free while others will require a fee. What makes it beneficial is that you get to have a wider audience, one that’s not limited to the reach of a mere sign or a newspaper advertisement. The world is at your disposal as they say.

  1. The Social Media Star

The power of social media has bombed the marketing industry. It has proved to be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to advertising and information dissemination. Although some may be for free, others will require you to spend in order to achieve a particular number of reach. Still, it’s not a bad place to start.

  1. The Real Estate Agent

But what if you don’t have the skills or the time to sell and market your residential investments for sale? Well the answer to that would be a professional real estate agent.

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Mistakes When Buying Commercial Property

commercialpropertyBuying any form of real estate asset is honestly not easy. There are a lot of requirements to produce, legalities to comply with and not to mention the amount of funds that one must be able to pool in time. It takes a lot both physically and financially. Obviously, you don’t want to commit any mistakes especially if you are on the verge of buying commercial property for your company. What are these mistakes you may ask? Buckle up. We’ve listed them down below.

Getting a place with poor foot traffic…

When it comes to business, you need as much exposure as you can get. In other words, you have to be able to acquire properties where people not only flock to but one where they usually frequent, pass by and visit regardless if they intentionally sought for your office or store. The better foot traffic, the higher your chances for profits. Think about it this way. A tourist souvenir shop near the airport is likely to make higher sales than one situated in a rural town.

The location is inconvenient…

Not only should location be convenient to clients but it should also apply to employees and vendors alike. It will be particularly costlier if your vendors and suppliers will have to ship items specially. You can always look for other suppliers but if you are heavily dependent on one then you must also consider how your choice will affect your transactions.

Not considering ongoing costs in the calculation…

When you buy a property, one of the costs that you should very well be able to check are the ongoing costs. These pertain to the repairs and maintenance expense necessary to keep the asset functional. Such amount is not part of the selling price and must therefore be scrutinized before acquisition. Buying one with high ongoing costs creates a huge burden in the long run.

Forgetting about growth…

When buying commercial property, there must be room for growth meaning that you will be able to use it should the company expand and grow in operations in the future. Avoid investing in something that you are likely to sell in a few years time because it can no longer accommodate the business. It is expensive and one that will not do your portfolio good. Think of the bigger future. Think of tomorrow as much as you do today.

Investment Property UK: Relocating Your Business

property-investment-londonMany businesses choose to invest in the United Kingdom for more reasons than one. Apart from being one of the leading economies in the world, it is a booming tourist destination making it a huge market with a potluck of consumers from all ages and races. It is also for the same reason why more and more entrepreneurs find the need to open up new shops and branches across the country. But apart from buying an investment property in the UK to cater to the growing trade owners will also have to pay attention to the moving process and that’s what we’re focusing on today.

Business relocations are no joke and they definitely require a lot of work so here are some tips to help you get along.

  • Create an asset inventory or upgrade your current one.

If you know what items to move and how many there are then it would be easier for you to purchase the right supplies and plan on how to deal with them during the move.

  • Keep everyone informed early on.

Communication is a key in ensuring quick and effective relocations. Entrepreneurs need to remember that moving will entail a complete or partial halt in operations. The faster you finish then the better. To do so, you want full cooperation from everyone. Don’t get your staff surprised by informing them at the last minute. They would be of much better help if they know about it earlier.

  • Assemble your moving team.

This should be composed of key employees from every department or division. They are assigned to oversee the whole process and ensure cooperation across the whole organization.

  • Determine tasks and ensure segregation of duties.

Segregation of task is a vital part in making plans work. No one can do everything all on their own. They have limitations too and we have a time constraint. It would be better to divide all duties across all members in a manner that distributes the chores to people whose talents are required by the assignment.

  • Help your employees too.

Moving businesses does not occur regularly and not all of your employees are accustomed to one. Give them tips as well when it comes to company relocations. Besides, they will do their fair share of packing and other relevant tasks. The more skilled and knowledgeable they are then the better.

  • Hire a professional moving company.

Once the new investment property in the UK is set, it’s time to move as quickly and as effectively as one could muster. But before everything, in fact before packing and doing all the chores listed above, find a removal company to hire. It’s always best to work with the pros than wing it on your own knowing you don’t have enough skill and equipment.

Smart Tips in Buying Commercial Property

commercial propertyBuying commercial property is no easy business; however, it’s not entirely impossible. Think about it. Many companies successfully acquire them for their operations. Investors add them up to their portfolios. It may take a lot of work but given the right attitude, adequate resources and set of skills, one can achieve this feat with flying colors.

So how exactly does one buy commercial property like a pro? We’ve got tips and tricks from the pros themselves. Read up and find out what they are!

  • Always begin with a plan. – Think of it like you’re waging an archaic battle. You don’t wage war without looking into the circumstances, sizing your competitors, determining your strengths and weaknesses, identifying your resources and devising strategies. You need plan. You have to carefully assess how you will achieve your goal. This way, your sights are set straight and distractions are best avoided.
  • Think like a pro. – If you want to succeed like one then you have to be like one or at least have one by your side. The real estate business is more complex than it appears to be. You need to have knowledge and skills to boot. This requires adequate amount of research so you can understand how things work. But because not everyone gets to achieve that on their own, hiring someone who is would work best.
  • Prepare your resources ahead. – Commercial assets are significantly valued therefore they will require quite the same level if not more resources to acquire. There are many methods by which one can finance such type of acquisition but regardless of your choice, you have to do it early. You need to beat out time or lose out to competition or the change in purchasing power.
  • Always make sure to survey out. – Before closing in on the property, it is a rule of thumb to have it examined by a chartered surveyor. This professional will look into things such as current market value, security issues, structural integrity, land and building appraisal, expected useful life, depreciation, ongoing costs and more. These are factors that you need to know and to validate to help you in your decision.
  • Validate all documents. – When buying commercial property, it is also important to have all legal documents and files validated. You need to authenticate the ownership details and titles to the property. Check if any liens or encumbrances are held against it. Also, contracts must be made properly to ensure validity and enforceability.

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Reminders When Attending Property Auctions

property auctionsProperty auctions have come to gain a lot of popularity in the real estate investing world all thanks to the benefits it brings; however, one can never fully take advantage of such perks if you do not know how to navigate your way around. You need to be well informed, adequately skilled and prepared to earn a good win. With that said, here are some reminders when attending property auctions.

  • Make sure that your finances are ready. Most auctions will require a security deposit from participants. Moreover, garnering the spot as the highest bidder will require you to conform with and provide for the requirements asked by the seller. In majority of cases, an upfront payment shall be provided with the remaining balance to be completed within a given time period. You need to come ready. You simply cannot bid and not have the capacity to pay up what you said you would.
  • Assume that agents are lying to you. This is a rule of thumb that you should do well to remember. Agents are likely to sugarcoat a little if not more. They are after all aiming for a sale. Of course, not everyone is like that but it’s best to be safe than sorry right?
  • Have the property checked first. Before the day of the auction itself, do your research ahead of time and investigate about the assets being held up for grabs. You may even want to drive through and visit if you can. Hiring a surveyor to check will also be beneficial so that you are provided with professional advice and assessment on the real condition of the asset.
  • Determine the real value of the property. This is crucial because you do not want to spend more than what something is actually worth. Who would want to overpay right? Remember that the very charm of auctions lies in the possibility of getting an asset for a price lower than what it usually sells for in the market. Failure to check the numbers can put you at a serious disadvantage.
  • Loose lips sink ships. In other words, do not tell the auctioneers or agents anything of importance about you, what you are looking for and up to how much you are willing to bid. Keep your cards as close to your chest as possible. This is to prevent anyone from taking advantage. Instead, do the asking when attending property auctions. Visit

Orix USA and Financial Dynamics

Financial-ServicesOrix USA is a multibillion dollar financial services group established in 1981 in New York City and is an American subsidiary of Tokyo based Orix Corporation, an $83 billion publicly traded international diversified financial services company that operates in twenty six countries around the globe.

The company boasts of $1.2 billion in annual revenue and $5.5 billion in assets whereby the said revenues continue to spill in even under economic trying times. With over a team of 1,300 industry leading professionals spread out among its Dallas headquarters as well as its offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., Frankfurt, London and Paris, the company offers services way beyond par and like no other.

Despite its already billion dollar success and commendable portfolio, the company is still on the lookout for growth and more opportunistic acquisitions not only in the pursuit of expanding its already big portfolio but also in terms of skill and talent acquisition in the areas of asset management, distressed or dislocated asset classes, energy, insurance, private equity, special situations and specialty finance.

Orix USA’s diversified financial dynamics and services delve within venture finance, commercial real estate, municipal finance and healthcare, private equity and corporate lending. It houses a wide variety of quality driven services to its clients which includes capital market investments (e.g. leveraged loans, high-yield bonds, public equities and structured finance), commercial real estate mortgages and capital investments, debt restructuring counsel and funding, fund investments, merger and acquisition counsel and funding, middle-market lending, mezzanine and private equity, municipal bonds, loans and investments, valuation analysis and counsel and venture finance among others.


Why Business Cash Advances Rock

merchant cash advanceIn today’s financing world, one of the options considered to be a favorite among entrepreneurs would have to be business cash advances. But why is that so?

First of all allow us to define it. A business cash advance (BCA) also referred to as a merchant cash advance (MCA) is a type of loan secured by future credit card receipts which has been determined by the loan provider’s inspection and verification of the entity’s sales and revenue. It is favored for a number of reasons which includes the following set of benefits and advantages.

    • Payment is revenue based rather than fixed. – This is probably the most attractive benefit of a BCA. The payment is equivalent to a fixed percentage multiplied by the amount of credit card sales for the month. This means that you get to pay the lender when you yourself get paid by your customers. Payment will fluctuate depending on the sales volume making it cohesive with performance. This is good as it will not be burdensome to the company.
    • There is no collateral involved. – A business cash advance is a great alternative to typical loans and other forms of credit when you do not have enough equity to use as collateral. At the same time, it is a method that can cater to businesses that do not want to put their properties at stake.
    • It is fuss free and less troublesome. – The application and collection process is perpetually easier and painless due to its straightforward process and less need for paperwork. BCA providers will only need a few things from borrowers such as the monthly credit card receipt levels and a cash flow statement. Other forms of loan will usually require more such as credit reports, business plans, tax returns and financial statements among others.
    • Perfect credit is not required. – This makes the BCA available to both solvent and struggling entities that want to recover. Remember that it is secured by future credit card sales which have no bearing on creditworthiness. Although it may be an extra point but it is not required.

  • It is fast and therefore timelier. – With the shorter process and lesser need for paperwork, the BCA has quite the quick turnover of funds. It can be made available in as early as a week after application and submission of requirements.
  • There are higher chances of approval. – Business cash advances are designed to rely in positive cash flows and business performance instead of creditworthiness, size and corporate value. This makes it easier for entities regardless of size, financial status and years in business to have their application approved.

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